Angle fundamentals

A space to discuss the fundamentals of ‘Angle’.

Link to the dashboard: Angle (ANGLE) - Key metrics | Dashboard | Token Terminal

Token Terminal <> Angle | Monthly data update (May 2023)

Chains tracked: Ethereum


  • Outstanding supply: Monthly average outstanding agEUR supply on Angle
  • Token incentives: USD value of tokens that have been distributed to incentivise users
  • Treasury: Monthly average USD value of the protocol’s funds held on-chain (including unallocated governance tokens)
  • Core developers: Monthly average number of distinct GitHub users that made 1+ commits to the project’s public GitHub repositories during the past 30 days
  • Code commits: Number of commits to the project’s public GitHub repositories

Metrics (May 2023):

Hey everyone, Pablo from Angle Labs, contributor behind Angle protocol!
After reviewing the values, I am pleased to inform you that they align well with our benchmarks.
Thank you for your efforts in providing accurate and valuable information.
We appreciate your contribution to our work.