Morpho fundamentals

A space to discuss the fundamentals of ‘Morpho’.

Link to the dashboard: Morpho (MORPHO) - Key metrics | Dashboard | Token Terminal

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Token Terminal <> Morpho | Monthly data update (March 2023)

Chains tracked: Ethereum


Active loans: Monthly average value of outstanding borrows on Morpho
Fees: Total interest and token incentives earned from p2p borrowers & third-party lending protocols
Supply-side fees: Share of fees that go to the depositors
Revenue: Share of fees that goes to the protocol
Token incentives: USD value of the protocol’s governance tokens that have been distributed to users
Earnings: Revenue minus token incentives
Treasury: Monthly average USD value of the protocol’s funds held on-chain (including unallocated governance tokens)
Daily active users: Monthly average number of distinct depositors, withdrawers, borrowers and repayers
Active developers: Monthly average number of distinct GitHub users that made 1+ commits to the project’s public GitHub repositories during the past 30 days
Code commits: Number of commits to the project’s public GitHub repositories

Metrics (March 2023):

Active loans (monthly average): $283.73m
Fees: $1.59m
Supply-side fees: $1.59m
Revenue: $0
Token incentives: $0
Earnings: $0
Treasury (monthly average): N/A
Daily active users (monthly average): 49
Active developers (monthly average): 6
Code commits: 68


Hey everyone, Tom, DevRel at MorphoLabs, contributor behind Morpho protocol.
After reviewing the values, we are pleased to inform you that they align well with our benchmarks.
Thank you for your efforts in providing accurate and valuable information.
We appreciate your contribution to our work.