Origin Protocol fundamentals

A space to discuss the fundamentals of ‘Origin Protocol’.

Link to the dashboard: Origin Protocol (OGV) - Key metrics | Dashboard | Token Terminal

Token Terminal <> Origin Protocol | Monthly data update (April 2023)

Chains tracked: Ethereum


  • Outstanding supply: Monthly average outstanding OUSD & OETH supply on Origin Protocol.

  • Fees: Total yield generated by the protocol

  • Supply-side fees: Share of yield that goes to the liquidity providers (depositors)

  • Revenue: Total performance & exit fees paid by users

  • Token incentives: USD value of tokens that have been distributed to incentivise users

  • Earnings: Revenue minus token incentives

  • Treasury: Monthly average USD value of the protocol’s funds held on-chain (including unallocated governance tokens)

  • Daily active users: Monthly average number of daily distinct

  • Core developers: Monthly average number of distinct GitHub users that made 1+ commits to the project’s public GitHub repositories during the past 30 days

  • Code commits: Number of commits to the project’s public GitHub repositories

Metrics (April 2023):

Thank you Token Terminal, we have reviewed the monthly data update, and the values are in line with our benchmarks.